Haakaa Glass Bottle

So I’ve been on the hunt for a bigger bottle for Emily as the 150ml just isn’t cutting it. Emily is exclusively breast fed (along with a teaspoon of solids every day) and when I do express it’s usually for a Saturday night when I want an extra glass of wine. I’m a full time mum, house wife and part time worker, I’m allowed the wine ok 😉.


She is five and a half months old and I would also love to be able to leave her at home with her dad for a couple of hours so I can get my hair done or go to the supermarket alone, but being demand fed and living out of town she needs to be close to her boob.

As I said, the bottle I’ve been using is only 150mls and I needed to upgrade to a bigger one. Currently I am filling a bottle, heating it, she demolishes it and I then need to repeat the process.. not ideal at a 3am feed!
But this morning my Haakaa 280ml bottle arrived with a couple of freebies.. A meemoo sleeve and a blue heat saving sleeve. Obviously we’ve tried the bottle out already (well twice, hubby tried it too) and the meemoo sleeve is a hit!

2016-03-02 14.16.44-01

The teat was the main part I was worried about as she doesn’t take a bottle often so I thought she might refuse it.
We purchased the anti colic medium flow teat and it’s so realistic that hubby managed to feed her with ease too. She guzzled it down so quick when she usually struggles to feed with anyone but mum! There’s hope for me yet! 👐

Haakaa are currently running a promotion where you recieve a free “meemoo” sleeve with a glass bottle purchase, we were lucky to receive one.
Meemoo is an organically made, stuffed cow that fits around the bottle and helps keep the heat in.  I’ve also learnt it helps teach your baby to hold the bottle themselves as there’s more for them to grasp. Emily loved it as she’s always trying to grasp something while she’s feeding.

2016-03-02 13.51.49-01

I discovered Haakaa through the wonderful world of instagram, my latest Hobbie 😉 and I thought I would have a nosey at their products.
What caught my eye first were the glass bottles, because the one thing I hate washing the most is plastic, and unfortunately most baby bottles come out in plastic. Also being a New Zealand owned and operated  company I liked the idea of shopping local and know I am buying from a trustworthy, ethical source.

Lastly I highly recommend checking out their products at http://www.haakaa.co.nz as they pride themselves on non-toxic, BPA free, safe, natural, eco-friendly products which in turn gives us mums piece of mind when it comes to what goes into our little humans mouths.




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